Free Mobile Legends Battle Points and Diamonds

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How to use our Mobile Legends Hack Tool?

Using our generator is very simple, just click the amount of battle points and diamonds you want and click the generate button. You will be asked to enter your email, in game name or username, and choose the platform for your mobile device. It is either iOS or android, then hit continue.

The tool then will prepare the resources that you need after verifying your account and mobile device platform that you are using. Once completed there you will need to do the simple steps asked from the human verification. Just hit the verify now! If in case that you have click the verify now button and the instruction didn’t appear, you can just repeat the step from the beginning.

You will be presented a list of games or applications that you need to download on your mobile device. These are free games and apps that can be found officially on the Google Playstore and Apple appstore so don’t worry if you think they contain virus and similar stuff. They are 100% clean. Once downloaded, you have to run this app or game for at least 30 seconds.

This kind of verification are done because a robot or automated software can’t understand this and will not be able to follow these steps, thus they will not be granted by the prizes our site generates.

Unique Features of our Battle Points and Diamonds Generator

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100% up-time – Our servers are always online so every single visitors have their chance to redeem their prizes. We are using high-end web hosting servers to avoid DDOS attack and other malicious attempt to take down our website.

Safe and Secure – Our site use strict safety measures to bypass game bugs, cheats, and hack detection to ensure your mobile legends account will remain safe from using our tool. We also ensure that you confidential information will remain private and will not be leak publicly.

Every updates of Mobile Legends, we make sure that our online generator is completely up to date by releasing the necessary patch updates to protect you and of course ourselves from being caught by their spam measures. We can also guarantee that our tool does not infect your device with any malicious codes or script and you won’t need to worry about viruses as this is 100% clean and safe.

Ease of use – We a make a point that our site is user friendly and very easy to understand specially the verification process to avoid problems during the actual process of generating your game rewards.

Cross-platform – Our online tool can be access on any browser and any mobile devices with or without jailbreak or root access.  You can also use our tool even if you are using a desktop or laptop. There will be some adjustments for the verification process, but overall it will still work as long as you followed the steps correctly.

No Survey – We will not ask you to complete any time-consuming surveys. Promise!

No Password – We know the headache when someone share a file that we really need, but to disappoint us when we need to open it but it has a password on it, which means it’s either fake or really not working, or scam.

Unlimited Battle Points – We are very proud of our tool that you can buy all the heroes using Battle points, but of course you need to use our tool first to get boatloads of Mobile Legends Battle Points in game.

Unlimited Diamonds – Well I can only imagine you playing the game using the bad-ass looking skins for your best pick. I’m sure everyone in the game will envy you, and definitely ask you how you’d able to buy all the skins, are you a rich kid? We are developing and continuously improving our site to give you the best rewards, right now we are working on how we can add tickets so that you can also get free tickets in your mobile legends account.

Do I really need to get battle points and diamonds for the game?

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If you are really concern getting your account banned from using our tool, then I suggest you make a dummy account first to try. On that you can guarantee that you will not lose anything.

Battle points can be easily get if you play the game in such as an addict way because every game you can also get very little amount, unless you are always performing marvelous in every game making you an MVP or at the same time you are using in-game boost like double battle points that you can get from special rewards, because double battle points can also be bought from the store for 80,160,320 diamonds for 1 day, 3 day and 7 days. That’s how important diamonds for the game.

In addition, you need these to buy awesome-looking in game skins for your heroes, lucky spin to draw items and also on the magic wheel where amazing prizes awaits you. There is always sale in the store but if you will try to look closely 90% of the sale items can be purchased using diamonds, skin fragments, or mobile legends tickets.

So that’s how we see how necessary our mobile legends tool for obsessed players like us. Again if you are not really confident how are tool works, you can ask a friend to do it for you or you can simply create a dummy account – this will take you a few minutes to do.

Is it really safe to use Mobile Legends generator tool?

Yes, by using our online hack tool for Mobile Legends, your account is 100% safe as our site use secured proxies to make sure it will not leak your device IP, making sure your real identity is hidden and there’s no way that they can detect that you are using some sort of cheats or hack for the game. We ourselves are also using our awesome tool and we don’t waste our time promoting this site if we think that it is not worth it. It’s a win-win situation for you by the way, you can get unlimited battle points and diamonds without the need to use your own money and the best part is – it is totally safe and free!

Mobile Legends Tips for Newbie Players

In this section, I’ll be proving some tips for beginners who wants to excel in the game. I suggest that you read carefully.

  1. Complete all the training/tutorials – that includes the basic tutorial, practical tutorial and jungle tutorial to know and understand how the games works. In fact, you can get rewards by completing all of these that you can use to buy heroes.
  2. Buy 5 heroes in the shop – Make sure you save battle points in the beginning and try to buy at least 5 of the most cheapest heroes so that you can unlock the rank mode where amazing prizes awaits.
  3. Heroes Guide – Always check for individual heroes guide to have an idea how to use that hero efficiently. You can learn there how to farm, how to kill enemy heroes, and how to do combos using their skills. You also want to try different item sets for the  hero you are using to compare your game performance.
  4. Play safe – playing safe from turret, enemy heroes and not tanking enemy creeps will ensure you can farm efficiently for you to buy the items that will make you stronger. You also don’t want to rush in during enemy fights, try to analyze the situation in a smart way whether you can get in and out of the fight without getting killed.
  5. Use of Mini-map – there’s a reason why it was built, for you to look whether enemies are on their way to gank or kill you or your team mates. You can also use this to your advantage to decide when is the right time to help a team mate or when is the best time to push enemy turrets.
  6. Farming Efficiently – This is one of the best way to ensure the success of your game. You need to farm as fast as you could, but don’t lose the chance of helping a team mate during fights or focusing too much in the lane without helping your team mates is of no use. Yes, you will be able to get items but your team mates already fed the whole team, making it difficult for you to carry the rest of the team. I’m sure you will understand this as you play long enough.
  7. No Greedy Please! – being greedy in games like these will not help you win, instead of getting the kills that you desire; you will just ended up dead taken huge damage from enemy turrets and minions. Play smart, know the best time when to use all your skills as sometimes you’ve calculated in your mind that the amount of damage you can dealt is enough to kill the enemy, without considering their armor/magical defense and other healing items.